Dekens Metaalgieterijen B.V. was founded in 1926 as Gieterij Borcherts B.V. In 1956 the comany was bought by mr. Harm Jan Dekens.

In 1982 Luuk Dekens entered the company. the thrid generation is currently at the helm.

The company has grown over the years. In 1956 the metals were molten in two cupola furnaces. In these furnaces both lamelair cast iron and ductile cast iron were made. at the end of the 90's two state of the art induction furnaces were installed. In the same year a new laboratory with equipment for spectral analysis was made. With these investments the production capability grew from just Iron castings to larger batches of stainless steel.

In september of 2004 the stainless steel foundr Staalfries in Sneek was acquired. To make room for the extra production capacity a new building was built at the end of 2004.

In March of 2005 the stainless steel foundry was move to Sappemeer. two new induction furnaces were acquired that were mainly used for the production of stainless steel castings. 

In the same your the pattern warehouse was enlarged with 500 m². At the end of 2005 the new office building and cafetaria were taken into use. 

At the start of 2007 a new production line started, the art foundry. From this moment on art castings can be made using the cire-perdu method as well as sand moulds. Art castings can be made is a wide range of different materials including: Bronze, Aluminium and stainless steel. 

In january of 2009 the capability to machine the castings in house was created with the start of our very own machine shop, Machinefabriek Dekens B.V.

With this addition the possibility to go from engineering to the final machined product was added to the Dekens Groep B.V.

In 2010 a new (stainless)steel foundry was put into use, with this the addition of a 1000 m² production facility.

This new production facility features three new induction furnaces and increased the capacity to a maximmum of 6.000kg per piece. 

2011 saw the addition of an advanced sand regenerating system for all our molding sand. with this investment a massive reduction of the produced waste materials. With this an important step was taken for our CSR policy. 

In the end of 2018 a new production facility was added. more than 3.500 m² for production and a completely new pattern storage. At the moment more than 50.000 pattern are stored in our conditioned areas. 
In the new prodcution three new state of the art furnaces were added again. This addition allows Dekens Metaalgieterijen B.V. to cast all metals up to 12.000 kg per piece. 

The new production facility also houses a brand new moulding line. 

  • Harm Jan Dekens - Ca. 1990
  • New furnaces 2018
  • Dekens Metaalgieterijen B